Entrepreneur Chick, a Minority, Woman Owned Business Enterprise founded in 2012 by Maxine Huggins is an organization dedicated to inspiring, educating, and supporting a diverse group of women with unfavorable credit; helping them start, grow and maintain their businesses. 

With poor credit, your chances of walking into a traditional bank or credit union getting an approved loan are very slim. Maxine having firsthand experienced in not being able to secure a loan, having to find creative alternatives to funding quickly became an inspiration to women of the same situation in her community, which led Maxine to want to fulfill the need to help women have a better chance at seeing their dreams come true. 

For the past decade Entrepreneur Chick have assisted many women in starting their businesses with poor credit through inspiration, education, and financial assistance. With the collaboration of our partners, Entrepreneur Chick has helped these women build their credit, strengthen their faith, and become better businesswoman and leaders in their communities. 

"Fighting for the girls that never thought they could win" 

~nicki minaj~


Our Mission

Entrepreneur Chick is on a mission to empower women with the tools to successfully start and operate their businesses, care for themselves, families and strengthen their communities. 

Our mission also includes launching an online academy "Own Something Academy" (OSA), and a non Collegiate sorority chapter by 2024. 


Our Vision

To see every woman that has a dream to become an Entrepreneur step out on faith and succeed. 

Own Something!  

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